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Galeria Murilo Castro, Belo Horizonte


Vanessa Henn, Jens Hausmann, Isabelle Borges, Christian Henkel, DAG
Berlin Radio
Five Berlin artists, five constructivists, five identities, five concepts: Isabelle Borges, DAG, Jens Hausmann, Christian Henkel, Vanessa Henn – the exploration of the avant-garde’s legacy connects them and their five individual extended concepts of constructivism. In the 21st century, this is the opening up of the field of perception, the globalization of communication, the reorganization and examination of modernity, the deconstruction of visual and thought structures. It is not an expression of the material or the form! The five artists from Berlin have dissected the founding fathers’ manifestos of the avant-garde, reassembled their ideas into contemporary transformations, and enter into a polylogue to cross the boundaries of constructivism towards the future.

Galeria Murilo Castro